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Learn about the Isola d'Elba

The Island of Elba possesses as many facets as it has beautiful scenery. Its sea is cobalt colored. Its jagged coastline precipitously descends the seashore and the old mule tracks that venture into the density of the Mediterranean vegetation towards subterranean mines and archeological remains. These stunning locations will thrill you.

The Hotel Biodola will give you the opportunity to discover the most authentic spirit of this natural paradise recommending activities and tours expressly designed for you.

Sailing Tour

Perhaps the most exciting way to visit the Island of Elba is, without a doubt, to tour it by sailing. Let our “skipper” and his professional team guide you around on an extraordinary trip employing the best navigational techniques. You will sail along the most beauteous beaches of the Tuscan archipelago. Enjoyable and instructive activities will be organized both for children and adults. If you are lucky that day, you will be able to swim along with the dolphins or sperm whales and snorkel in protected areas among the fish and coral settings observing a notable number of sea species.

Invigorating Excursions in the Tuscan Arcipelago

The Tuscan archipelago includes—apart from the Isola d'Elba—the islands of Giannutri, Giglio, Capraia, Pianosa, Montecristo and Gorgona.

Venture out and find out for yourself the wonders of this unique universe—along a route that offers a particular appeal among wonderful landscapes and inviolate nature.

Fascinating Subterranean Mine Excursions

Elba has always been an island rich in minerals—particularly copper and iron. It is probable that its original name, Aethalia, “spark,” comes from the production processes used to extract minerals.

Nowadays, you can relive how the miners worked by visiting the mines of Rio Marina. Guides and geologists will help you “mine” haematite, iron, lodestone, and many other intriguing rocks and stones.

The subterranean mines of Capoliveri also have an exhibit where precious minerals of incredible beauty are on display.

Sumptuos Gourmet Food-and-Wine Tours

The Isola d’Elba preserves a food-and-wine gourmet tradition of the highest quality.

The Hotel Biodola is prepared to organize for you food-and-wine tours so that you might familiarize yourself with many of the territory's delicious specialities. In particular, the local wines and liqueurs, such as the Aleatico DOC and the Mortella, produced using the berries of the myrtle, calamint and wild fennel, will entice your taste buds.

Local Cooking and Pastry Courses

Let our master chefs and pastry-makers share their cooking expertise and the venerable secrets of our Tuscan cuisine and its best pastries known all over the world.

The cooking courses offered at the Hotel Biodola include outstanding dishes of baccalà, spiced fish soup, cakes and tea cakes made from the most natural and genuine ingredients.

These are just some of the recipes that you will be taught to prepare. Start cooking now! The cookers are ablaze! Take home with you some truly wonderful recipes as a reminder of your tremendous holiday on the Island of Elba!

The Elba Aquarium and the Museum of Fauna

Not many realize it, but Elba has one of the largest aquariums in Italy. Only the aquarium in Genova is larger.

Visit it and introduce your children to the 150 organisms among them fish, mollusks, sharks, tortoises and other Mediterranean sea species maintained at the Aquarium of Marina di Campo.

This occasion will also afford you the chance to visit the Museum of Fauna. This special collection is laid out with the silhouettes of all the animals of the region. There is an engrossing educational section that reveals many curious and little-known facts about the animals living on the Isola d'Elba.