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Sport & activities

Everyday is a new adventure

The Hotel Biodola sincerely believes that keeping in shape is the same as experimenting with the unusual and captivating sides of the Island of Elba. That is, to be in physical contact with uncontaminatd nature and a dream-like sea.

To do this, you can play tennis, go mountain biking, go trekking, watch birds, sail, windsurf and go canoeing. Every day offers you some different challenge. After all, the Island of Elba is different!

Full immersion tennis

Our Tennis Club and its exclusive tennis courts, 9 clay courts and one synthetic grass court, wait for you to play or take part in private lessons. These tennis courses are dedicated to players at all levels - from beginners to trophy hunters. No other tennis club on the Island of Elba offers so much to tennis lovers.

Motorbike & mountain bike tourism

Mountain bike excursions are perfect ways of training while being in contact with the wildest nature on the island.

Even more, for those who are indeed courageous, there is a coastal route of 120 kilometres that circles the island in one unique stage.

If you wish to enjoy every single view you can take a partial route: central, eastern or western.

Trekking & jogging

Enjoy yourselves on the many trekking itineraries that wait for you on the Island of Elba. Immerse yourselves in the Mediterranean psyche that you will find in the national park.

Spanish broom, lavender, myrtle, arbustus, and lentisk inundate the area with their fragrances that mix with the cool marine breezes and reawaken the senses and spirit of those within their orbs. Just a few steps from the hotel there is a health path, a technical walking or jogging itinerary 3,5 km long that winds through Mediterranean woods and amazing sea-views.

Five-a-side football

Organize tournaments and training sessions on our private pitch. The ideal way to spend some time with friends or family. Perfect after a day of lounging on the beach.

Gym & sport lessons

Our gym is furnished with Technogym facilities at our sister Hotel Hermitage, and this installation is available to all our guests who desire to train or exercise with the best professional equipment.

Also at the Hermitage, you can take courses for adults and children including pilates, aquagym, swimming, windsurfing and sailing.

Courses are given only by qualified instructors.

Diving centre

In order to familiarize yourself close up to the underwater fauna and floral delights of the Island of Elba, there is a Diving Centre PADI near the Hotel Hermitage.

Here scuba diving courses for adults and children (eight years and older) are offered.

If you are already a qualified diver, you can rent the best diving equipment for your dives and snorkling needs.

Golf Club

Enjoy a day on our exclusive 9-hole golf course at the Hermitage. (Eight par 3's; one par 4.) The course borders the Biodola seafront.

If you wish, you can take lessons offered by a professional golf instructor.

Test your skills on our practice course with golf balls that float in water, and take part in the tournaments that go on all summer.

Motorbike routes & off-the-road trips

The splendid roads that snake along the coast brushing against the sea, with their winding trickiness, are ideal for you to enjoy the panorama and confront the thrilling routes while on your bike. It should not surprise you that the Island of Elba is one of the preferred destinations for motorcycle meetings, including Lambrettas and Vespas, which occur each year at Easter time.

Every September the Ducati Desmo Owners put on the Centocurve Club (100 Curves) race. Our staff is at your disposal if you intend to rent a motorcycle or an off-the-road vehicle so that you can enjoy an excursion through the most harsh locations on the island..

Birdwatching & biowatching

The national park of the Tuscan Archipelago of which the Island of Elba is a part, is characterized by a notable biodiversity.

All you need is a pair of binoculars and a bit of patience and you will be able to see the numerous varieties of plants, animals, rock formations and minerals which abound on our territory.

Among the birds you might see are the following: red partridges, the peregrine falcon and the extremely rare Corso seagull with its red beak and black band, which has become the logo of the whole National Park.

Water sports

If water is your preferred habitat Hotel Biodola offers a thousand possibilities of experiencing moments of sport and leisure in direct contact with the extraordinary sea of the Island of Elba. You can take swimming, sailing or windsurfing lessons or take a relaxing canoe trip to one of the many sheltered coves near the hotel, where the water is so clear the richness of its depths can be seen with thwe naked eye.


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