The Maitù Restaurant – a Tuscan afternoon mediterranean

To dine with the background of the splendid Biodola sea and be fondled by the soft breezes that cool you off, is a pleasure no one would deny themself or herself.
The Maitù Restaurant is situated a stone's throw from the beach.
The sea is so close to you, you will feel you can touch it! In the restaurant's open salon, light dishes with a Mediterranean aroma - above all composed of fish and the freshest salads - are served.
From June to september the Maitù Restaurant organises an exclusive Tuscan evening every thursfday for half-board guests.
This food-and-wine excursion among the most prestigious culinary specialties of our region, takes you through a vast array of the best Butteri salamis to meat and vegetables' first courses.
There is also the freshest fish with local cheeses and traditional pastries such as "cantucci" almond biscuits and jam tarts.
Superb premium meats: Siena pork meat, chicken, rabbit, wild boar, grilled pork.
These fabulous dishes are cooked and grilled right before your eyes!

Opening hours and Information

    9am – 7pm